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The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 18
Chapter 18 - A Mother's Love
Jessica had wheeled Creamocchia over to the flower fields so that she could hopefully cheer her friend up. She and Cheese could see that during their way there that she wasn’t her usual jolly self as before they left. They found a spot where newly bloomed flowers were ready for the picking and Jessica walked around the wheelchair to face her friend.
“Do you want me to sit you down on the ground so you can pick?” she asked making sure she was cheerful around her.
“Yes please,” replied Creamocchia not sounding all to interested. Jessica helped her down and the girls began picking.
“Pretty nice flowers eh Cream?” asked Cheese also trying to act cheerful. “What are you gonna make out of these?”
“Don’t know.”
“A new flower crown perhaps?” suggested Jessica. “Or maybe a necklace made out of flowers?”
“Don’t know.” Cheese knew by now Creamocchia
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The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 17
Chapter 17 – Doctor Vanilla
Vanilla, Creamocchia and Cheese finally arrived back home after a rather hectic day at the island. It was night time and the moon shone brightly which added to the calm and quiet atmosphere. Creamocchia had ridden piggyback on Vanilla half of the way home as she wanted to get a view of what it was like to be as tall as her. The family took a sigh of relief as they approached their house.
“At long last!” said Cheese happily. “I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight after all that.”
“Before that though Cheese I’ll treat your wounds first,” replied Vanilla. “We can’t leave you like that or you will worsen.”
“Yes Mama let’s help Cheese first,” agreed Creamocchia. “You were so brave to go up against those nasty termites. But please don’t try that ever again! I was so worried about you.” Cheese was fluttered.
“I’ll be ok Cream. I was reckl
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The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 16
Chapter 16 – Termite Terror
Managing to lose sight of the raging termites thanks to the dolphin’s distraction, Cheese and Vanilla who was carrying Creamocchia in her arms were running as fast as they could through the forest they originally walked through to get to the beach. Creamocchia was petrified from the swarm of termites trying to eat her earlier so she didn’t say a word.  
“It’s alright Creamocchia,” said Vanilla gently despite the situation, “You’re safe and sound now so don’t you worry about a thing.” Creamocchia didn’t respond or even look at her. Cheese looked back at Creamocchia as he flew feeling worried about how she was going to cope.
“The poor girl’s terrified. The faster we get off this island the better.” Vanilla was noticing that Creamocchia was trying her hardest to try and move her legs that were stuck from the sand that got stuck in her joints. A faint chip sound was heard fr
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The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 15
Chapter 15 – The Island Trip
One sunny Friday after school a very happy Creamocchia was running out the door to find her mother with Cheese in tow. In her hand was a piece of paper that she was desperate to show her. Vanilla saw Creamocchia charging towards her faster and faster.
“Mama mama mama!” cried Creamocchia as she leaped up towards Vanilla landing in her arms. She carried her daughter up
“Oh goodness Creamocchia you look so happy today! What’s that you got in your hand there?” she asked as she slowly put her back on the ground.
“Look at this mama!” burst out Creamocchia as she handed her paper over.
“I think your gonna like it!” followed Cheese.
Vanilla gave it an inspection and paused for a minute. Small tears ran across her cheeks along with a big smile.
“What’s wrong mama? Have I made you sad?” asked a confused Creamocchia.
“No dear,” she sniffed. “I’m just so happy with wha
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Creamocchia - New DA Avatar :iconmsp169:MSP169 12 2 Creamocchia - One Lie To Many :iconmsp169:MSP169 33 4
The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 14
Chapter 14 – Making Music
School life for Creamocchia continued as normal despite feeling slightly uncomfortable with Marine as one of the students of her class. Marine seemed to be less active during school and took many days off. Creamocchia had it set in her mind that she could be friends with Marine but after the nasty prank the raccoon pulled on her she had had enough. Creamocchia flat out ignored her from then on and was eventually back to being her happy self.
It was finally the weekend which couldn’t have come sooner. School was hard work during this week and everyone was looking forward to a well-deserved break. Creamocchia accompanied by Cheese was dropped off at Jessica’s house to spend time with her. The girls had plans to go outside and play but rain had started to kick in which disappointed them. They spent some time drawing in Jessica’s room using up nearly every piece of paper they had available.
“So what are you drawing Creamocchia?”
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Creamocchia - Do Wishes Really Come True? :iconmsp169:MSP169 29 2 Creamocchia - Character Bios :iconmsp169:MSP169 33 2 Creamocchia - Happy Easter 2015 :iconmsp169:MSP169 19 2 Amyocchio Title Card by LazBro64 - Coloured :iconmsp169:MSP169 7 2
The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 13
Chapter 13) Strung along into trouble.
It was a dark and rainy Thursday morning in Green Hill. Waiting for her mother and Cheese to finish their breakfast so Vanilla could take her to school, Creamocchia was waiting by the front door eager to get going. She had her school backpack, rain coat and rain boots on already.
“Mama when can we get going?” she asked continuously throughout the morning.
“I’ll be ready soon sweetheart ok? You just need to be patient with me. It’s too early to go just yet because school isn’t open.”
“But I can just wait by the door mama. I really really want to go now.”
“We’ll be going soon. Please don’t keep asking that anymore ok? You’ve said it so many times now.”
“You need to stop asking now ok Cream? It can start to get annoying after a while,” Cheese explained.
Vanilla had never seen Creamocchia this impatient before. Though the constant asking was slowly getting
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Creamocchia - Student of Green Hill School :iconmsp169:MSP169 20 5
The Adventures Of Creamocchia: Chapter 12
Chapter 12) "I’ll do my best.” Joining an after school club.  
School life was going well for Creamocchia. Since she started she was becoming the most popular girl in school and had made lots of friends in her class as well as some other students from different classes. She was doing well in lessons and making sure she was always on time. She enjoyed having Jessica’s company in class, even if Jessica tended to often get carried away and speak to her a lot during class.
It was the start of a new week and Creamocchia along with Cheese had just gotten into school with Jessica. As the girls and Cheese were walking to their class, they noticed somebody they had not seen at the school before. There stood Calvin right in front of them, who was not wearing a school uniform like everybody else.  
“Calvin? You go to school too?” Creamocchia said to him.
“Calvin? You actually decided to show up to school today? That’s rare, Jessica followed.
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Creamocchia - Ballet Dancer :iconmsp169:MSP169 27 7 Calvin The Squirrel By Lazbro4 - Coloured :iconmsp169:MSP169 8 1


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Annabelle chapter-10
Chapter 10 - Dinner with the Lampwick family
Annabelle's first day of school had gone well, and she had made a new friend. But Pinocchio however was cornered because the boy she befriended was the younger brother of his old friend Lampwick, whom he met on pleasure island when he was a puppet. Though Annabelle told him he was good and stood up to some mean kids at school, Pinocchio wanted to be sure this boy wasn't a bad influence like his brother. During dinner, Pinocchio and Jiminy told her the story of how they met Toby's brother and what happened to them on the island. Pinocchio then asked her to bring the boy to the shop after school so he could meet him and see if he was trustworthy. Before going to bed, Annabelle had something she wanted to ask her father.
"If I do bad things, then will I turn into a donkey like you and Lampwick?" She asked worryingly.
"No princess. As long as you behave and stay away from pleasure island," Pinocchio assured her.
"I never want to go there! And I'
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MSP169's Profile Picture
Hello there!

I'm a fellow Deviant who enjoys writing stories. My main and ongoing project is for a story I have been working on since 2014. This story is "The Adventures of Creamocchia."

It takes the classic tale of Pinocchio and puts it's own spin on things set in the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog. Cream the Rabbit is the Pinocchio character of the story who's on a personal journey to become a real girl. Along the way she'll learn many lessons and face many life-changing events that will stick with her into growing ever closer to being real.

This story is planned to be a long ongoing saga like if you were watching a TV series. Character development is key in this story as it will involve around them and the events that will stick with them. I love character driven stories and that's what I hope to provide with this.

I'm treating this project with great care as I really want to tell a good story with memorable characters. If chapters are coming out slowly it will be due to being in the planning stages for ideas and making sure I think they are good enough.

If you decide to tune in then I hope you enjoy the story from where it currently is now and into the future. I very grateful to anyone who decides to take the time to read through the adventures of Creamocchia.
Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all! Hope you guys enjoyed your last few days of 2016 plus Christmas as well. Let's hope that 2017 will be a good o e for us all after how shaky last year was for many people. I know I'm hyped for this year on the gaming side of things! Sonic Mania and Project 2017 have me hyped the most, plus Persona 5 and Yooka-Laylee are gonna be up there along with Sonic's new games as my most anticipated. Can't wait to see what this year brings.

Ok so I haven't been very active since August and I do apologise for that. I got caught up in wanting to enjoy my Summer plus all the new games that came out around that time kept me occupied. Plus I had work and my motivation hasen't been with me since to write new chapters of the Creamocchia story. When I pumped out those 3 chapters last year I was really motivated more than I've ever been before. But after those 3 my motivation just completely died. I have this annoying problem where my motivation just dies for a while and takes ages to come back. I've been trying so hard to come up with strategies for myself on how to get motivated but I've never found anything that helps. I hate not being able to have any because I really do want to get back to writing again.

So for 2017 I want to get properly motivated again so I can write for the story again. I only released 3 chapters last year and I apologise for releasing a small amount. I'd like to fix that this year and get out a lot more than 3 chapters. I have so many ideas planned for this story and I can't wait to have the motivation to write them. I can't make promises but I will personally aim for this year to be when my Creamocchia story sees a lot more activity. For the sake of the small amount of you who enjoy the story still, I will do my best. I know that I've lost a small amount of my tiny audiance last year and I hope to fix that. 

Not much else is planned besides that. Creamocchia is still the big focus of my DA account and will continue to be that way. I love this project a lot so this will be a DA page exclusively for this story.

Thats about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my motivation will return and that whenever I bring more chapters out, they will be fun and enjoyable reads. See you guys again soon and enjoy your first day of 2017! 


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